Karen Pearson

Karen Pearson
Master’s Degree in Special Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Yogic Physical Culture Academy Certified Yoga Instructor, ASFA Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instructor, Montana Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
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Facts about Karen Pearson -
Karen is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 29 years experience helping others achieve their personal goals of health, wellness and success. She believes in helping others achieve success through the balance of mind, body and spirit. Karen started her fitness journey later in life than most and recognizes the importance of proper form and technique at all times for optimum success. She is able to design individualized programs for people regardless of their fitness level or limitations. With decades of experience in mental health, she can also help people overcome the mental and emotional issues that often interfere with fitness success. Karen is enthusiastic, energetic, and loves to see what people of all ages can achieve when given guidance, support and encouragement.
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