Member Spotlight: Jake Iverson

This time, our Member Spotlight is Jake! We wanted to spotlight Jake because he pushed himself and ran a full marathon for the first time this year at the Kona Marathon in Hawaii! Not a bad place to run a marathon, right? We decided to ask Jake about his inspiration and motivation to run a marathon, as hope to push some of the rest of you who may have running a marathon as a goal in your life.

“I decided to do my first marathon mostly just to prove to myself that I could do it. I also wanted to add something new to my overall fitness level.  I decided not to follow any specific plan and just kind of make it up as I go.  I basically just ran one long run each week until I got up to running 16 miles. I don’t think I ever ran over 25 miles in a week.”, Jake told us.

We asked him how this kind of training plan (or lack thereof) worked for him and he said “It seemed to work just fine, I finished, right?” Right!!!

In response to us asking what the hardest part of training was for him, we got this “The hardest apart about training is just getting in the right mind set to run for 2 hours, because running is hard and sucks, for the most part. The feeling after running for that long is worth it though! And I could cross off an item on my bucket list!”

We also asked Jake what advice he has for others with similar fitness aspirations…”Obviously the way I trained probably wouldn’t work for everyone! I felt like I was in pretty good shape before I started training for it, mostly just from consistent YF gym workouts combining lifting, cardio and working out lots of HIIT classes and YF Knock-Out (our version of 9 Round) classes. Both classes are fun and good for staying in great shape.”


“My favorite part about doing a marathon was probably the mental part of it, the accomplishment is greater to me when I have to overcome some mental hurdles along the way!” Uh…yeah! We ALL get that! And exercise really does seem to be huge for mental health as well as physical health! Good point, Jake!

Congratulations, Jake Iverson, on finishing your first Marathon!! All 26.2 miles! Wow!! We here at YF, are proud of you! You are an inspiration to others to work-out regularly and to strive for goals & achieve them!

*photo courtesy of Kona Marathon

We love our members!! We know you have success stories too…so if you or someone you know at Yellowstone Fitness would like to be featured in our YF Member Spotlight please send your information to

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