YF Member Spotlight –Lacey Dauenhauer

This time, our Member Spotlight is Lacey ! Lacey started bodybuilding training 4 years ago at YF & she’s been competing for 3 years of that time. Her goal for this year was to compete in the Idaho Cup in Boise by Craig Productions,  just get qualified to do national shows in 2019. She not only qualified but exceeded her goal by going on to win first place in her class and first place in overall bikini!! Wow!! We are so proud of you, Lacey! We see how hard you work & how that has paid off!

We went on to ask Lacey a few more questions…like was it hard to start bodybuilding at first? She says, “The workout part was actually the easiest, the diet and discipline was by far the hardest part!” When she’s training she follows a strict diet that consists of protein, carbs & fat — she measures portions, weighs everything, and meal preps on a weekly basis. So naturally, we asked her if when she’s done, does she cheat? She told us “I do a reverse diet & slowly incorporate different foods back into her system on off-season”. So…not really, cheating in our book!

Our next question was how many competitions do you do? “My first year, 1; my 2nd year, 1; my 3rd year 4; and planning for 3 in 2019.” A lot of hard work is involved, so we asked her what her favorite part of competing? She replied, “Show Day! Because it’s the culmination of the whole process & it’s exciting! But, I actually really enjoy the whole process — everybody here (at YF) is so supportive & it’s motivating that people here show so much interest! And bodybuilding is a tight knit community, kind of like crossfit (she laughs), I like making new friends in bodybuilding throughout the region.” We have to add that Lacey is such a sweet person and we really enjoy having her at our gym. We get feedback that Lacey is also very helpful to other members and always takes time to talk or motivate other members! We appreciate that too.

Next we asked what she would say to someone who is considering going into bodybuilding? She told us” I would encourage anyone who has an interest and is willing to work for it, to go for it! Set a goal, like working toward a show and seeing your body change — pushes you & makes you strive for more! But it is a lot of hard work, before a competition, prep is usually a 12-16 week time frame where I train 2 times per day for 2-3 hours per time. But it’s so worth it!”

Click here to watch a video produced by Benton Media with more information about Lacey! Lacey Vid

Finally we asked, what’s the hardest part about bodybuilding? And she quickly said, managing my time. Getting in all of my workouts while working 2 jobs for 50-60 hours per week…oh and trying to maintain my relationship with my boyfriend. We asked if he was a bodybuilder? She smiled and said “No, but he is very supportive of me, even though he’s outside of the bodybuilding community!”

Thank you for your time for this feature, Lacey! And congratulations on all your success, we know you’ve worked really hard to get where you are!


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